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Our pictures show just a small selection of items from our catalogue.

No matter what style of outfit you require from the Tudor era we can make it.

All outfits are researched before patterns are made. It may be necessary for a few fittings during the production of a particular outfit to ensure it fits well.


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Once we receive your deposit we will commence production and advise you of an expected delivery date.


This is a selection of our most popular products.

If you do not see what you require please contact us.

To place an order for any items we will require various details as all items are made to order Use the contact form here to place your order and we will contact you.

                 Bum Roll                           Farthingale                      Linen Smock           Linen Smock With Collar

                  from £10.00                       from £60.00                     from £42.50                   from £44.50

                   Mens Shirt                     Tudor Chemise                    Tudor Corset                 Waist Apron

                 from £47.50                       from £32.50                        from £95.00                  from £10.00